‘World’s most venomous spider’ found cocooning in bunch of bananas by Tesco shopper

‘World’s most venomous spider’ found cocooning in bunch of bananas by Tesco shopper

A Tesco customer got more than he bargained for after picking up a bunch of bananas while picking up some shopping.

The man believes he discovered one of the world’s most dangerous spiders hanging out in the fruit.

The Brazilian wandering spider, also known as a banana spider, is one of the most venomous species of arthropods on the planet.

Its bite can be deadly to humans, with other side effects including salivation, irregular heartbeat, and prolonged painful erections in men.

Originating in Brazil, the spiders are frequently found on banana leaves which is why they are sometimes inadvertently exported to Europe and beyond in bananas.

The man said the spider had cocooned itself on one of the bananas.

Their most recent destination appears to be a Tesco store in Eastbourne in the UK.

Adam Shepherd discovered a cocoon with a “spider’s leg coming out” stuck to a bunch of bananas at the supermarket’s branch in East Sussex, the Daily Star reports.

He took a photo of what appears to be the deadly pest before handing the contaminated bunch of bananas to staff so the tainted fruit could be disposed of.

Adam then shared the photo of his find to Facebook, where it was identified as a Brazilian wandering spider.

Some people reacted in horror to the idea of a dangerous spider in their local supermarket.

Brazilian wandering spider

Brazilian wandering spider

However, Adam was actually fairly unperturbed by the discovery.

“I wasn’t really that shocked as I used to work produce for Tesco and I’ve seen it quite a few times,” he told the Brighton Argus.

“No idea what kind it was but it was definitely a brown colour

“You can just about see its leg coming out.”

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