Woman (80s) has eyes and wrists taped during burglary in Derry

Woman (80s) has eyes and wrists taped during burglary in Derry

A woman in her 80s has been assaulted in her home in Derry during a burglary.

Police have described a “terrifying ordeal” for the pensioner who had duct tape placed over her eyes and wrists in her house in the Ballynasilloe Park area on Tuesday morning.

A police spokesman said they received a report of the incident at around 11am.

“Police received a report that a woman aged in her 80s had been assaulted in her home by an unknown man,” he said.

“The woman had duct tape placed on her wrists and over her eyes.

“She managed to make her way out of the house and signal for help before the male made off with her purse and handbag.

“This must have been a terrifying ordeal for this lady and we are following all lines of inquiry to identify the male involved.

“While this sort of crime is uncommon we recognise the impact it will have on older residents in our community who are perhaps fearful.”

Police have appealed for anyone with information about the incident to come forward and speak to detectives.

They have also advised elderly people of a number of initiatives to help keep them safe such as No Cold Calling, the Nominated Neighbour scheme, QuickCheck, Neighbourhood Watch and ScamwiseNI Partnership, details of which can be found on the PSNI website.

Police have also advised older people to ensure their back door is locked before answering the front door, to use a door chain before opening the door, to ask callers for identification and not to let anyone inside until they are satisfied they know who it is.

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