The TV shows to watch out for in 2022

The TV shows to watch out for in 2022

1: Conversations with Friends, RTE

You’ll be having conversations with all kinds of people about this. I wonder will they be nasty. 

The show based on Sally Rooney’s latest novel is due to air sometime in 2022. We lost our minds about the adaptation of her previous novel, Normal People, for a variety of reasons. 

One is that Irish people are as class-obsessed as the Brits, but we can’t admit it because we’re all republicans, innit? 

The second reason is the show came out during the pandemic, and we wanted to watch two young people falling in love. The third is that Normal People was a really good book. 

People aren’t saying the same about Conversations with Friends, so this could turn awkward.

2: 1899, Netflix

The Germans aren’t just good at producing football managers. 

They’re decent when it comes to telly as well. This comes from the people who brought us Dark, a sci-fi thriller in 2017 that had me squirming behind the couch. 

My wife is made of stronger stuff and said it was one of her favourite shows of all time. 

1899 is about a bunch of immigrants approaching America, there is talk of a second ship floating on the open sea, I’m already behind the couch, but my wife can’t wait.

3: The Crown, Netflix

Don’t get too excited, Season 5 won’t be with us until November. 

But you just know that the real-life royals are going to dish up an incredible appetiser over the coming months. Unless Meghan and Harry decide they’d like to stay off the news, which they won’t. 

And Prince Andrew is the only person who thinks Prince Andrew is going to have a quiet 2022. 

So come November, we’ll be all-in to see if Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West work as Diana and Charles. 

I’ve a feeling they might, but I’m not convinced about Imelda Staunton as Queen Liz. Could they not just have kept the cast from Season 4?

4: Happy Valley, BBC

What a cast. 

Sarah Lancashire, James Norton and Siobhan Finneran grabbed an already riveting plot about murder in a Yorkshire town and turned into something darker and more unpredictable. 

It’s back for a third and final series next year, having been off screen since 2016, and I get the feeling it will be wort

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