Snapshot of Ireland: Jack still the most popular boy’s name while girls are full of Grace

Snapshot of Ireland: Jack still the most popular boy’s name while girls are full of Grace

We are very helpful, we get on better with our parents, Jack is still the most popular boy’s name while Murphy remains the most popular surname for a baby born in Ireland.

This is according to the Central Statistics Office, which also says there are fewer teenage mothers, more Dubliners, and people who live in the South-West of Ireland are among the unhappiest in the country.

The latest CSO Statistical Yearbook of Ireland also notes the country’s population rose by 34,000 in the year to April 2021.

A snapshot of our people and society based on statistics compiled by the Central Statistics Office #CSOIRELAND #Ireland #EurStatsDay #StatisticalYearbook #Statistics #Health #Environment #WorldStatisticsDay

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But while that was the smallest increase since 2014, the CSO says Ireland’s population breached the 5m mark for the first time since the 1851 Census.

Our population was estimated to be 5.01m in April 2021, while the comparable population in 1851 was 5.11m.

Dublin’s population increased by 8,300 in the year to April 2021, bringing the capital’s population to almost 1.43m  to 28.5% of the State total.

The Midlands, with just over 307,000 people (6.1%), was the region with the smallest population in April 2021.

When it comes to life events, births to teenage mothers continue to decrease, with 830 births to women under 20 recorded in 2020, compared to 1,199 in 2015.

Grace pipped Fiadh to the most popular baby name spot for girls in 2020.

And Jack retained the top spot as the most popular boy’s name, while the top three surnames were Murphy, Kelly and O’Brien.

Marriage rates halved

Marriage rates more than halved in 2020, most likely as a result of the pandemic.

In the labour market, a ripple effect from Covid-19 can been seen in 184,100 people who were classified as unemployed in 2021 – a surge of 53,200 or 40.6% from 2019.

The unemployment rate rose from 5.4% to 7.3% over the same period.

When it comes to our health, CSO surveys found the South-West reports the highest levels of some form of depression (mild to severe) at 18% of people aged 15 years and over.

The West region reports the lowest levels of some form of depression at 10%, a full eight percentage points lower than the South-West region.

Three-quarters of people aged 15 years and over report they find it easy or very easy to get practical help from neighbours, and persons with disabilities report the same level for getting practical help (75%)

Rural households were more likely to report having some or great difficulty accessing a bank (44.2%) or post office (33.1%), compared with urban households at almost 17% and almost 9% respectively.

Of respondents that mo

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