Search on to find locals who shared pints with All Blacks in small rural Cork pub

Search on to find locals who shared pints with All Blacks in small rural Cork pub

A Cork man is appealing to the public for help as he looks to uncover how a rugby team from New Zealand came to be photographed at a rural pub in Ceciltown.

Historical pursuits rarely begin behind the counter of a bar, but for Paul Gallagher, that’s exactly where it started. His goal is to put names to faces on an old photograph that hung in Lyon’s Bar in Ceciltown.

The identity of some in the photo remains a mystery, but one factor is certain, the photo includes New Zealand’s famous All Black team from the 1970s having a pint in the Cork bar. 

Like most stories that begin in the pub, the details have blurred and the tale itself has been romanticised.

For many, it depicts the All Blacks team of 1978, who after a few pints poured by the owner, Ms Annie Lyons, were scuppered by a hangover that cost them the match against Munster.

However, Mr Gallagher was quick to put the brakes on this incredible story, by pointing out that one of the more recognisable All Blacks in the shot, Sid Going, retired in 1977. 

Speaking to Patricia Messinger on C103’s Cork Today Show, Mr Gallagher, who is the PRO of Castlemagner GAA, said the photo dates back to 1974.

We never had the names of the individuals that were in the photograph, with the exception of one or two.

“Obviously, Mrs Lyons is pictured in the photograph on the right-hand side, behind the bar,” Mr Gallagher said.

From his own research, Mr Gallagher has ascertained, that the photo was taken after the All Bl

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