Rylan Clark discovers celeb pal still in his home morning after boozy birthday bash

Rylan Clark discovers celeb pal still in his home morning after boozy birthday bash

It Takes Two host Rylan Clark was shocked to discover his famous friend Lizzie Cundy was still in his house the morning after they celebrated his 33rd birthday

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Rylan finds Lizzie Cundy in his house after birthday party

Rylan Clark got quite a surprise when he discovered his showbiz pal hadn’t left his home the morning after his boozy birthday bash.

The It Takes Two star was celebrating his 33rd birthday with his famous friends and it seems TV presenter Lizzie Cundy wasn’t ready for the party to end.

Rylan filmed the aftermath of the glamorous gathering and was in hysterics when he made the discovery.

“So I’ve just woken up and I’ve just looked in the toilet,” Rylan says as Lizzie appears and insisted: “Don’t laugh.”

“Edina Monsoon, is that you?” he joked, before asking: “Excuse me, what is going on here?”

Rylan Clark and Lizzie Cundy aka “Edina Monsoon”

Rylan told fans it wasn’t a party without Lizzie

Lizzie, who was married to footballer Jason Cundy, was still wearing her black evening gown and joked: “Darling, don’t. I don’t actually know.”

The mum-of-two continued: “Look, I’m all dressed – I’ve got to go food shopping and petrol now,” which sent Rylan into further hysterics.

The host, who told fans he was “feeling a bit worse for wear” also posted a selfie of the pair enjoying a cup of tea, with Lizzie sporting shades, joking: “The guest that won’t ever leave…”

Rylan then shared a video waving goodbye to Lizzie as she walked down the driveway towards her car, still in her dress from the night before.

Rylan joked that Lizzie had finally left his house

Rylan Clark donned a blonde wig for the festivities

Rylan celebrated his birthday in style with a massive house party filled with family and friends.

Treating his guests to a karaoke party at his swanky Essex pad , at one point Rylan donned a blonde wig similar to his X Factor style as he serenaded his guests.

Rylan can be seen snuggled up to Lizzie in one pic, declaring: “It’s not a party without Lizzie Cundy.”

The celebrations come after a difficult few months for Rylan, who took time away from his hosting duties, including his BBC Radio 2 Show, in order to focus on his mental health.

Earlier this year, Rylan confirmed that he had split from his husband of six years, Dan Neal.

BBC bosses were said to have told Rylan he can take a year off if needs to as the star continues to work through his marriage break down.

It was claimed by The Sun that Rylan’s coworkers played music to give him a moment to compose himself following a recent ‘breakdown’ on the show.

Rylan fans were happy to see the star back in good spirits after a rough year



Rylan made the most of the karaoke machine

However in response to the claims, the presenter took to his Instagram Stories to assure fans that he’s doing okay.

“Couple of news stories today. Be assured, I’m good. I wasn’t, but I am now x,” he wrote.

A source had told The Sun that his colleagues were becoming concerned for the star.

“Rylan’s one of the BBC’s favourite stars,” the insider said.

“When he returned to work everyone supported him but when he broke down people were concerned he’d come back too fast.”

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