RTE’s Kin director insists series one ending is ‘truthful’ as he speaks out about mixed reaction

RTE’s Kin director insists series one ending is ‘truthful’ as he speaks out about mixed reaction

KIN director Diarmuid Goggins has spoken out about the mixed reaction to the explosive finale – insisting ‘the ending is truthful’.

The final episode of the RTE crime drama sparked controversy amongst viewers after it aired on Sunday night, with some describing it as a ‘rip off of The Godfather’.

Commenting on the overall reaction, the IFTA-nominated film and TV director kept shtum about the claims, but admitted horror film Silence Of The Lambs had a major influence in his work.

“I was always influenced by Jonathan Demme and movies like Silence Of The Lambs, in which he played a lot with the eyeline, how close the camera is to the actors’ face,” he said.

“You’re trying to sense and feel what the actors are going through.

“Breaking the fourth wall and seeing the actors look straight down the lens,” he added.

“We used shots that shows the disconnect between the family.

RTE’s Kin: Michael kills Eamon

“They may be a family but they’re as much disconnected as connected at times, particularly with Amanda and Jimmy,” he said in an interview with RTE.

Over half a million viewers tuned in to watch the final episode of the hit show on Sunday night and set a record on RTE Player with nearly two million streams to date, making it the most watched new drama series on the Player this year.

However, while many raved about the dramatic ending, others expressed disappointment and compared the finale to the iconic mafia movie.

One viewer took to Twitter to vent their frustration saying: “A very poor imitation of the Godfather. Very disappointing. Nothing original or new there.”

Another viewer raged: “Some bang of The Godfather off that ending”, whilst a scathing Irish Times review labelled it a ‘shameless rip-off of The Godfather’.

Goggins didn’t reference the accusations, but said he was aware of the controversy and response that comes to any show coming to an end.

“It’s something we’ve seen with other shows going all the way back to The Sopranos.

RTE’s Kin: Eamon is killed

“The finale is always the thing,” he says.

Peter [McKenna, writer] always talks about how the characters talk to him, everything they do comes from the characters.

“Everything they’ve done including the finale was written by the characters. It’s true to them and it’s always hard to know how the audience will take it. The ending is truthful.

“There is a conclusion and closure but at the same time there is so much scope to grow and take the characters further afield if we get a chance of a second series.”

But speaking about the possibility of a second season, Goggins admitted: “It’s a lottery.”

He explained: “We have to wait and see so I don’t really know. I have no insight.

“I wish I could give it you but from my own part, I wish, and I hope. I feel that the crew did a great job and I’d love to see it again.”

He went on: “There is a certain element of closure, but you can see we’ve also left things wide open with certain characters that we’d love to explore in the second season.

“The ending isn’t a cliffhanger where we’d pick up from the exact same place if we got the go ahead for season two.

“At the same time Peter McKenna and I wanted to treat the ending as the end of a season and to be happy with that and if more comes, more comes.”

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