Pippa O’Connor Ormond: Losing my mum suddenly when I was 30 completely changed me

Pippa O’Connor Ormond: Losing my mum suddenly when I was 30 completely changed me

Pippa O’Connor Ormond has opened up about how the sudden death of her mother “completely changed” her.

The former model and influencer spoke candidly about her experience of losing her mum just a year after becoming a mother herself on Roxie Nafousi’s Moments That Made Me podcast.

In 2014, Pippa, then 30, lost her mother Louise Mullen suddenly after she suffered a heart attack at just 61.

Pippa with her mum Louise on her wedding day

“It was like a carpet had just been swept out from under me,” the POCO by Pippa founder said.

“It was incredibly shocking,” she said, adding that the six months following her mum’s passing are “a haze.” 

I look back at pictures from that time and say to my husband ‘I don’t really remember that.’ 

The 36-year-old, who is now a mum of three, credits her TV presenter husband Brian Ormond for “pulling her through” that period of her life.

“He kept everything moving,” she admits.

The social media star and businesswoman said she doesn’t think she really processed her mother’s passing in those first few months.

“I partly acted like it hadn’t happened… it was just the only way I could deal with it.” 

Pippa said the Fashion Factories she ran in 2014 were “like therapy” for her, with the first taking place just three weeks after her mother’s passing.

“When you face a tragedy like that which shakes you… you’re faced with [a question] ‘do I stay bitter and sad or do I take this and learn from it and give it socks?” 

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Pippa said the experience serves as a lesson that “life is for living and things can change overnight.” 

“I honestly think something in my head clicked [when her mother died] and I kind of thought it’s now or never. 

“You take the bull by the horns and you pursue something worthwhile or you just kin

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