Operation Transformation review: New regime paying off for ‘randy young lovers’ 

Operation Transformation review: New regime paying off for ‘randy young lovers’ 

It’s not Valentine’s Day just yet but love was definitely in the air on Operation Transformation this week and as winter finally comes to an end, our leaders had a real spring in their step.

In Longford, Thomas Hayes and his wife Eileen are all loved up and have even decided that they are going to start going on weekly date nights.

Since starting Operation Transformation, Eileen notes that her husband is “just so alive again” before rather fittingly, we see the pair up and dancing around the kitchen table.

The 50-year-old tells host Kathryn Thomas that the opening of his Pizza Depot has helped him to finally find the right work/life balance. That balance is paying off as Thomas and Eileen still act like two teenagers when together or as Karl Henry put it, like “a pair of randy young lovers”.

At check-in, an upbeat Thomas is thrilled to discover he has managed to reduce his metabolic age to 60 — down from 65. All of the — ahem — activity, has paid off and he is also down three pounds.

The romance continues in Dublin as Stephanie Bowden and her partner Brian decide to go pick out an engagement ring. Cleverly, Brian has decided it is best to let Stephanie choose her perfect ring, but it doesn’t mean they are engaged just yet — she is still waiting for him to officially pop the question.

At check-in, Stephanie is a bit under the weather and as a result, she did not undergo her health-related fitness test. Despite being unwell, the mother-of-two is down five and a half pounds and couldn’t be happier. “I’m getting a cold every week,” she declares.

In Tipperary, Marie Clear is on her bike and getting ready for the upcoming Operation Transformation 5k. Niamh Buffini is putting her to the test for her first cycle in Phoenix Park, and even a toilet break is out of the question as the pair race to complete the loop as fast as they can.

Longford participant Thomas and his wife Eileen enjoy a romantic evening.

Mammy Angela of course makes another appearance in the kitchen and is quick to remind dietician Sophie Pratt that it was in fact her that made the soup they are enjoying, and not her daughter.

Marie is “feeling amazing” at check-in and while also being down a pound, she has increased her lower body strength.

Andrea Daly is back in her hometown of Arklow for a trip and is feeling the support from locals. Back in Portlaoise, 2022 OT leader Sarah O’Connor Ryan pays a visit to help with family meal planning. A cottage pie is a hit with the Dalys at dinner — even if the kid

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