Nurse told boss failure to take blood glucose readings ‘didn’t matter’ as patients were old

Nurse told boss failure to take blood glucose readings ‘didn’t matter’ as patients were old

A nurse who failed to take blood glucose readings of seven patients told his manager this “didn’t really matter anyway” as they were old, an inquiry has heard.

Leonardo Ayubo Bolo failed to act in the best interests of the patients by not taking their blood glucose readings and by falsely recording blood glucose readings in the hospital where he worked, according to the fitness-to-practise committee of the Nurses and Midwives Board of Ireland (NMBI).

His actions also breached the code of professional conduct in respect of each of the patients, the committee found on Wednesday.

Mr Bolo was found guilty of professional misconduct, poor professional performance and breaches of the codes of professional conduct in relation to the care he provided for the patients.

Announcing the committee’s decision on Wednesday, chairman Dr Conan McKenna said it would prepare a report for the board of the NMBI, which has the power to impose sanctions on individual nurses.

Seven of the allegations faced by Mr Bolo related to his care of individual unnamed patients at the hospital, and were found by the committee to be proven as fact.

In the eighth allegation, Mr Bolo told an assistant director of nursing who raised his failure to record blood glucose levels of patients that they were old “so it did not really matter anyway, or words to that effect”.

The committee accepted this allegation as proven, and said it also amounted to professional misconduct and poor professional performance.

Mr Bolo did not give evidence at the hearing, which took place over four days in September and November 2021 and January 2022.

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