No incidents reported as college Christmas over for another year

No incidents reported as college Christmas over for another year

A sea of students in Christmas jumpers queued outside Cork pubs from as early as 7am this morning for the unofficial college Christmas Day.

Gardai have said there have been no incidents reported in connection with the events.

The Harp Bar on Pouladuff Rd saw people queueing from early morning with the pub appealing to patrons to respect those who live in the area. 

Speaking to the Irish Examiner this evening, manager Conor McLoughlin said their day started at 6.30am, and by 8.30am they had reached capacity of 350 punters.

“It was a military operation, we’d 12 door staff on and we made sure the customers respected the local area,” Mr McLoughlin said.

“The atmosphere was brilliant, there wasn’t a problem and nobody was kicked out. My wife even ran a few people home. 

“By 6.30pm we’d the clean-up done ahead of our regulars arriving.”

Students in an early morning queue at The Harp Bar. Picture: Dan Linehan

Students were also seen queueing outside pubs such as Cissie Youngs on Bandon Road from the early hours of this morning.

Annie Macs manager Michael Coffey said it has been very busy so far, but the students had been no trouble.

“It’s very very busy, we have about 100 people here. The atmosphere is very good,” said the Bandon Rd pub manager.

“They were out very early this morning, around 7.30am. We didn’t open until half past ten. There are queues everywhere today.

“The students are behaving well, we have three doormen on so there is no trouble at all. They are all singing Christmas songs.

“We gave out a few sweet treats at the start. We’ll probably go on here until around five o’clock.”

The Harp Bar has appealed to those queueing to respect their neighbours. Picture: Dan Linehan

Students flock to pubs every year to celebrate Christmas, with last year’s event coming amidst the concerns around the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Concern has been raised by some locals about the event, with one parent telling the Irish Examiner how some students were seen urinating in public as they were collecting their young children from school in the Glasheen area.

“You’ve got a lot of parents collecting their kids and have smallies with them, and they’re passing within three meters of this,” they said.

“At that time of the day they’re all over the place, and was we

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