Midweek meals: Five recipes to clear out your fridge ahead of the Big Christmas Shop 

Midweek meals: Five recipes to clear out your fridge ahead of the Big Christmas Shop 

There’s a turkey on the way, so maximise space by using up the ingredients in your fridge to make delicious treasures for the freezer

Make space and something delicious with these key recipes.

Mon, 20 Dec, 2021 – 12:25

1. Make a soup

Soup is the perfect way to use up straggly vegetables and if you freeze it in portions, you’ll be able to whip it out at a moment’s notice after a bracing winter walk. Follow Darina Allen’s foolproof method of 1:1:3:5 and you will have perfect soup every time. She uses one portion of onions, one portion of potatoes, three portions of vegetables and five portions of stock or stock and milk combined. 

Her vegetable soup is a great example of the method in action. 

2. Frittatas are eggs-actly what you need

A delicious dumping ground for cooked meat and leftover vegetables, frittatas taste best at room temperature, so make one for lunch or dinner this week and serve with a salad and some bread. This basic recipe can be changed to suit any combination of ingredients. Some popular combinations include smoked fish and dill, goat’s cheese and roast pepper, potato and onion or Parmesan and roast vegetables.

3. Forget the takeaway

Fried rice is your best friend when operating a fridge clear out. Include something crunchy (raw carrot or bok choi), something salty (ham or even fish) and something surprising (pickled onions) and always use cooked and cooled rice if you can. This recipe will show you how to make a basic fried rice that you can experiment with.. 

4. When in doubt consider cream and cheese

Not only do they make everything better, but a gratin is an ideal home for veggies that are slightly past their prime. You can add bacon or olives or even chicken or ham to make it a more complete meal – this recipe will show you how to construct a gratin from scratch. 

5. A pizza is a leftover’s dream

Pizza has the capacity to take those fridge items taking up space in your fridge and make them into the stars of the show. Leftover cheese becomes a delicious feast when paired with a homemade base and some tomato sauce. Pile thinly sliced vegetables with odds and ends of cured meat and prepare for a feast. This is pizza recipe is foolproof and keeps really well in a cold environment for a number of days (once your turkey is cooked). 

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