Man jailed for six years for the repeated rape of his sister

Man jailed for six years for the repeated rape of his sister

A man who raped and sexually assaulted his youngest sister has been jailed for six years.

Paul Mohan (42) of Grangegeeth, Collon, Co Meath and formerly of Westcourt, Drogheda, Co Louth, pleaded guilty to 10 counts of raping his youngest sister on dates between 1996 and 2001. He also pleaded guilty to sexual assault of the sister.

He worked previously as a photographer and has no previous convictions.

His sister, Annette, who waived her anonymity to allow her brother to be named, told the court how she had believed the abuse was normal as a child, but as she became older realised it was wrong.

She described how her mental health suffered and she had lost much of her childhood. She said she felt damaged, dirty and worthless and struggled to tell her husband what had happened.

She described the distress of keeping the secret from her family and said telling her parents was the hardest thing she ever had to do.

She said her family have been supportive and she can finally talk about what happened, now taking one day at a time and no longer carrying the pain, fear, sadness and shame that had weighed her down for the best part of 30 years.

Sentencing Mohan on Tuesday, Mr Justice Paul McDermott described the woman’s victim impact statement as “moving” in which she outlined how she has suffered life-long consequences due to the abuse.

He noted that as Mohan acted as her wedding photographer, the day was “totally ruined” for the woman.

The judge said the woman was concerned about how the revelation of the abuse would affect her parents and described in her statement how the abuse impacted on her own relationship with her husband and children.

Mr Justice McDermott accepted that Mohan expressed horror on learning of how the abuse affected his sister.

“He ought to have been protective of his younger sister,” Mr Justice McDermott said before he added that the abuse occurred “somewhere she ought to have felt protected”.

The judge said that as Mohan had abused his sister at time when she was effectively in his care the offending represented “a dreadful breach of family trust”.

‘Humiliating and degrading’

“The offences dominated her life then and beyond. They were repeated over many years and involved many different types of sexual abuse,” Mr Justice McDermott said before he added that many of the offences were “humiliating and degrading”.

He said the victim had “a right to bodily integrity and human dignity” and t

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