Man breached protection order by telling ex-partner what she wore on night out

Man breached protection order by telling ex-partner what she wore on night out

A young woman was frightened by a phone call from her ex-partner in breach of a court order where he told her he knew what she had been wearing on a night out with friends even though he was not there.

The young man who had been ordered to stay away from his ex-partner also threatened he did not want to take her away from their child but that he would do so and rear the child himself.

The complainant said she would not go anywhere without some member of her family because she was afraid she would encounter her ex-boyfriend.

The accused pleaded guilty to a charge of breaching a protection order by calling and texting her and putting her in fear.

Sergeant John Kelleher said the complainant called to her local Garda station on September 6, 2021, to make her complaint.

The domestic violence act order against the accused prohibited him from communicating with his ex-partner, including by electronic means.

The young woman told gardaí she had been out socialising with friends on September 4, 2021. Minutes after midnight when she came home there was a phone call from a number she did not recognise and she answered it.

She recognised the voice as being her ex-partner and he told her what she was wearing that night.

He said he would take her away and look after their child himself. She added, “He said it would kill him to do it but he would.” 

He phoned her several times and sent more texts up to 2.30am.

The complainant gave evidence of how this affected her.

“My family would not leave me go out alone. They were afraid he would attack me. He threatened me before. That is why I got the protect

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