Ireland’s Fittest Family review: Davy’s hay day derailed by grinning Donncha 

Ireland’s Fittest Family review: Davy’s hay day derailed by grinning Donncha 

It was Donncha’s day in the last quarter-final eliminator against Davy, the water, and the weather. He may not have got The Fordes straight through but, by God, it was worth having to sweat it out in the Eliminator just to see the look on Davy Fitz’s face. He was like a robo hamster licking a nettle.

There was some fierce smack talk from Davy, leaning against a hay bale (only in Ireland) looking smug, with Dotey Donncha in the background, ears waggling, smiling away. He’s one of those fellas you can’t insult. Nothing get through the layers of positivity and fake tan.

He was having great fun this episode. He swung around at the top of the programme, declaring “Ah, The Fordes. I’ve been expecting you!”, the most unlikely Bond villain ever, in a (tight) T-shirt emblazoned with a dabbing unicorn. What are you going to do, Donncha, seriously, grin them to death?

Ireland’s Fittest Family. 

At least the Fordes had a bit of fun on some yoga balls in their training session. The Cuddys went to Awesome Walls, while the Kinsellas had a lovely day out at Zippit.

Meanwhile, the poor O’Sheas landed up to Davy’s back garden where he forced them to stand on some sticks while he sprayed them with his garden hose. I’m not exaggerating for drama here, this actually happened. He probably got them to rake up his leaves and clean the bins off camera to improve eye-hand coordination. The chancer.

The four families kicked us off with the Pontoons of Pain, with brothers Michael and David Kinsella from Enniscorthy easy winners. The Kinsellas are one of my very favourite families in the competition, with their big happy heads and I love the mischief of them. Caoimhe, who’s a member of the Leinster Girls Boxing Development squad, was talking to the camera, saying she didn’t want to be in Eliminator. “She’s very lazy,” pipes up Dad, Patrick, and she duffs him across the head, laughing. They don’t

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