‘I do have some news.’ Vicky Phelan shares an update on her medical situation

‘I do have some news.’ Vicky Phelan shares an update on her medical situation

Following a nudge from her father on Friday morning, Vicky Phelan used Instagram to update her followers about some news about her health. 

“I haven’t done a video in quite a long long time and I thought today would be a good day to do it, for lots of reasons — one being, I have the makeup on,” she joked. The campaigner showed off her new jet black hair, exclaiming “I’ve always been a brunette, but never this dark and I’m liking it!”

Referencing her Freedom of Limerick, she said it was a “beautiful ceremony” and that it would be a good time to update her followers. 

Medically she is feeling good, but she has a lot of pain in her back. 

“So I had an appointment this morning with my radiation oncologist out in Limerick. So basically I had a CT scan last Tuesday. And what that showed was thankfully no new tumours which is absolutely brilliant in my situation. I think I’ve expected it to be far worse. I didn’t think that there were going to be some new tumours but there aren’t. But what it has shown is that two of my existing tumours have grown and one of them, in particular, is growing and actually starting to grow into my spine, into my L2 vertebrae.”

In significant pain thanks to the growth in her tumours, Vicky is going to have a round of radiation hopefully starting in the next two weeks to give herself some pain relief. 

“I’m going to be quite ill with it because she’s trying to target two areas because there was another area up near my liver where the other tumour is growing and that’s causing me some problems as well. And she seems to think that that is also causing kind of the underlying pain that I have all of the time.”

Targetting two areas at the same time will mean she will be very sick, but Phelan is positive, saying she will be sick for two weeks for long term gain. She said overall, she has been feeling relatively well. “I haven’t been vomiting in a while which is more of an appetite and I think a couple of pounds which is great.”

Referencing Charlie Bird’s climb on April 1, she said “obviously I will not be climbing Croagh Patrick. Be under no illusions, I am not in any shape or form to be able to climb

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