How you can turn 21 days of annual leave into 49 next year with clever holiday hack

How you can turn 21 days of annual leave into 49 next year with clever holiday hack

As international travel was closed for the majority of the last year, many people are looking towards the new year for some much deserved holidays abroad.

But just how should you take your annual leave to make sure you get the most time out of your holidays?

You won’t have to feel like your annual leave just wasted away with these tips.

St Patricks day

This year St Patrick’s day will fall on Thursday, March 17th, so by taking Friday the 18 th off, you will be giving yourself a four day weekend, perfect for heading on an extended weekend break.

A four-day break will make travelling abroad less time-sensitive and broaden your options on where you can travel to without wasting too much of that precious holiday time.

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The Easter holidays are a perfect way to get a week’s holiday abroad in.

By taking four days off between April 19 th and the 22 nd and again between May 3 rd and 6 th , you will have nine days in a row off both times.

This is ideal for a sunny holiday abroad as the weather will be in the perfect conditions for laying by the pool and relaxing.


This year the June bank holiday falls on June 6 th . So by taking a whole week off from June 7 th to 10th, you will end up with another nine days off in a row.


By taking August 2 nd to the 5 th off, you will again get nine days off with only having to use four of your annual leave days.

Again, this is perfect for planning a family holiday abroad before the kids go back to school.


By thinking about what days to utilise, you can apply the same knowledge to October. Take November 1 st to the 4 th off and enjoy another nine day break.

If you take these days off, you will have stretched out just 21 days of annual leave to an incredible 49 continuous days off.

However, these annual leave tricks don’t include Christmas, so you may want to put aside a few days to enjoy the Christmas season.

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