GunPlot, The Witness, Joanne McNally: The best new Irish podcasts of the year  

GunPlot, The Witness, Joanne McNally: The best new Irish podcasts of the year  

Former Irish Examiner columnist Caroline O’Donoghue has pivoted from a show about popular (often derided) fiction to, first, a rewatch series with Dolly Alderton of Sex and the City and, subsequently, a show about guests’ favourite slices of culture. Author Seamus O’Reilly makes the argument for Grease 2, Juno Dawson talks the talk on America’s Next Top Model, while linguist Amanda Montell likes the word ‘like’.

My Therapist Ghosted Me (Global Media)

Vogue Williams and Joanne McNally will make you laugh out loud incessantly as they riff on myriad subjects. A guaranteed mood boost.

We Are The Makers (independent)

Alongside his alluring music show Make Me an Island, Donal Dineen has gone in depth with four creatives for We Are The Makers. Eighteen hours of interviews with photographer Eamonn Doyle is boiled down to nearly two hours of essential chat. Other subjects include choreographer Liz Roche, visual artist Isabel Nolan, and Denise Chaila and filmmaker Brian Cross.

GunPlot (RTÉ Doc on One) 

Following the critically acclaimed series The Nobody Zone, the Doc on One team seek to explain, in nine episodes, the arms crisis of 1970. With permission to air audio from inside the courtroom of the arms trial, it is meticulous and features a sweeping soundscape.

In Your Nature (Birdwatch Ireland)

It’s nice to just listen in to experts chatting about their specialist topic, and that’s exactly what we get here as Ricky Whelan and Niall Hatch of Birdwatch Ireland talk seagulls, curlews, buzzards, and landscapes. A simple idea well executed.

The Witness: In His Own Words (Yellow Path Productions)

There are no tricks or true crime cliches in this 10-part series – Joey O’Callaghan’s life story doesn’t need embellishment. He tells, in chronological order, how he became embroiled with Dublin drugs kingpin Brian ‘The Milkman’ Kenny, how he came to testify against him, and the fear within the State’s witness protection programme.

Invisible Threads (GoLoud) 

An affecting eight episodes as James O’Hagan chats with older members of the LGBT+ community about their life experiences. Some of the names, such as Eilish O’Carroll (Mrs

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