First Dates review: Cork’s Jamie impresses as he opens up about losing his mum

First Dates review: Cork’s Jamie impresses as he opens up about losing his mum

Cork’s showing on tonight’s edition is already in our good books when he shows up in a very dapper suit. Twenty-nine-year-old Jamie is paired up with 27-year old Tara from Limerick, who comes bearing gifts of herbal tea and incense.

The evening starts with Tara telling Jamie “the painters came this morning” and she nearly stood him up because of the pain. “But women are strong,” she says. To his credit, he barely misses a beat. “Women are strong,” he says, “women are next level.” Kudos Jamie, kudos.

Tara says she is “passionate about being conscious,” and admits it’s part of the reason she is now sober. This leads to Jamie admitting that he feels he abused alcohol in the past, and revealing he lost his mam to suicide when he was just 11. “I moved out when I was 15,” he said, “for years I couldn’t understand my emotions or what was going on inside me at all.” 

Yoga, meditation, counselling and facing the grief he had tried to outrun helped Jamie find solace. “Lucky enough, I am here to tell the tale and things are good.”

At the end of the night, Jamie gives his date with Tara an 11/10 and she says yes to a second date, obviously. 

Rob & Abby 

Abby was impressed by Rob’s mullet, and Rob liked Abby’s ‘fit’

Rob is 24 and has never had soup. This is something his date Abby and waiter Pete struggle to comprehend. Of course, he orders it, and it is underwhelming.

Unfortunately for Rob, there are many moments on the date that seem to leave Australian-born Abby raising her eyebrows. Like, when the Dubliner isn’t familiar with Waltzing Matilda and calls Buffy a “sexy vampire.” 

“She’s not a vampire, she’s a vampire slayer,” 23-year-old Abby says agog, “Like, it’s in the title.” 

Despite Pete’s slip-ups, Sligo-based Abby is up for round-two – maybe it’s because he at least knew what his star sign was? Also, she really loves mullets.

Alan & Pauline 

Alan and Pauline’s date was full of laughter 

Liberties charmer Alan is full of compliments. Sporting a brand new head of hair, the 51-year-old taxi driver is looking for a “partner in crime” and hoping to pick up lovely Pauline from Cavan on tonight’s show. 48-year-old Pauline has never been married – but she’s been engaged twice. “Marriage is not really something I believe in,” she admits. “Well, that ruins the next question,” Alan fires back.

The banter continues like that for the rest of the night. When Pauline brings up training, Alan says he can see her looking at him: “You’re drooling… it’s not the food!” 

Pauline says she’d love to have Alan’s commitment to training but she likes chocolate too much.

“How have you no weight on you?” Alan asks. “It’s all tucked in to my knickers.. say nothing,” she responds.

“You can show me later,” Alan says cheekily. 

Thankfully, he doesn’t get his knickers in a twist when Pauline turns down a second date.

Douglas & Ja

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