Dancing with the Stars recap: Big Band week sees Gráinne Seoige leave the competition

Dancing with the Stars recap: Big Band week sees Gráinne Seoige leave the competition

Gráinne Seoige bowed out of Dancing with the Stars on Big Band week, and Jordan Conroy joined her in the dance-off despite being one of two contestants to receive the highest possible scores from the judges.

Earlier, Seoige’s cha cha cha was complimented by the judging panel. Lorraine Barry commended her for putting some “punch in that performance” and both Arthur Gourounlian and Brian Redmond were impressed by the flirtatious energy she gave the performance. Gourounlian called it “Fun, flirty and full of energy” and Redmond said her “girl next door definitely came out to play”. 

Rugby 7’s Jordan Conroy and Salome Chachua

Rugby player Jordan Conroy earned 30 points from the judges during the show with his impressive contemporary ballroom routine, with Redmond describing it as “fantastic” and Barry noting it was “off the chart”. Gourounlian too said he was “stronger than ever” in the competition.

Jockey Nina Carberry and Pasquale La Rocca

Jockey Nina Carberry’s charleston wowed the judging panel and her 30 points came with high praise. Gourounlian said he found it hard to believe one person could do so well at so many dance techniques. “You are so versatile that every time you come out I can’t believe you’re the same person,” he said. Redmond praised her “great charleston” and Barry said she went from the first episode’s “dark horse” to the season’s “showrunner.

Matthew Mac Nabb and Laura Nolan

Love Island star Matthew Mac Nabb gave a “very good paso doble” performance, according to Gourounlian. He received 22 points from the judges.

Erica Cody and Denys Samson

Singer Erica Cody, who found herself in the previous week’s dance-off, was keen to guarantee her place in the competition. Barry called her American smooth performance “beautiful”. She earned 25 points and also highlighted the struggles her Ukrainian pro dancer Denys Samson had during the week. 

Samson became tearful as he thanked Ireland and the Dancing with the Stars family for their support. “Everybody knows what’s happening in Ukraine. My family’s there, my friends,” he said. “We are strong, we will not give up. I want to say thank you to Ireland, to Dublin, to Dancing with the Stars, to the crew, to the producers, to everybody for supporting me this week.” 

Swimmer Ellen Keane and Stephen Vincent

Swimmer Ellen Keane did a “good job” on her jive, Gourounlian said and Redmond agreed, calling it “excellent”. Keane got 27 points from the judges.

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‘Team Banana’ closed the competition with a rousing ‘Rock the Boat’ samba, featuring a banana boat, a banana downpour and more. The judges agreed Billy McGuinness was technically all over the place but the joy in his performance made up for it. Barry noted: “There is no technique here, this is ‘Billy’s technique’.” ”You are rocking my boat tonight. You have living proof that dancing is happiness,” Gourounlian said, though Redmond felt a little differently: “He did rock the boat and I felt seasick.” McGuinness received 18 points.

Cyclist Nicolas Roche was unable t

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