Celia Holman Lee says sex life at 70 is alive and kicking as she celebrates menopause day

Celia Holman Lee says sex life at 70 is alive and kicking as she celebrates menopause day

Celia Holman Lee revealed at age 70 her sex life is alive and kicking as she shows no sign of slowing down.

The former model still runs one of Ireland’s leading model agencies, The Holman Lee Agency.

As the first woman to win the VIP Style Awards some two decades ago at 50, she constantly proves that age is just a number.

This March, the mum-of-two will be 50 years married to the love of her life Gerry Lee and she opened up on their secret to a happy marriage.

Speaking about whether sex gets better after 50, the Limerick beauty told the Irish Mirror: “It’s up to the individual themselves, I have no issue regarding sex, I am with my husband all my life.

“So it’s there, it’s there, we wouldn’t be tearing around the place at it, but you know, we’re very happy together.

“The romance is there, he loves me a lot, we get on so well, he’s 72 now, we like being together, we like going out together.”

Her fiery personality is keeping the spark alive too, she adds.

Celia Holman Lee

She said: “I think it’s compatibility and a mutual respect for each other, I might have a bit of a temper, I might be the rocky one, but he’s not.”

Stepping out as Lloyds Pharmacy ambassador for World Menopause Day, Celia said thankfully we are talking more openly about women’s issues today.

She said: “It was called the change in our day, nobody bloody spoke about it.

“When I got the call for the campaign, I realised every woman in the world goes through it.

“I knew it would be an open conversation on the whole thing from every part of your body.”

New research conducted by Lloyds Pharmacy found 21% of women suffer symptoms for six months before seeking help, with 51% of women not seeking treatment at all.

The pharmacy chain is encouraging perimenopausal and menopausal women to speak to their pharmacist if they’re suffering in silence.

Reminiscing about how menopause was once brushed under the carpet, she said: “I remember my poor mother, she wouldn’t talk about it, going back over the years, who would you talk to, you wouldn’t even go to the doctor.

“I was one of the lucky ones, I didn’t have many symptoms, but colleagues around me at the time would take to the bed with aches, they couldn’t cope, they had the sweats and everything.

“Now we can sing about this, we don’t want it, but it’s part of our nature, it’s part of being a woman.”

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