11 things you could have lying around the house that are worth a fortune

11 things you could have lying around the house that are worth a fortune

Irish homes are notorious for having draws full of items that are never opened, but our hoarding tendencies may come in handy as you could be housing some priceless possessions that could be worth a fortune.

From childhood toys to family heirlooms, the chances are you have a few antique gems lying around your home.

Here are 15 items you may be able to cash in on:

1. Retro video games

Two retro video game joysticks.

Plenty of people may still be holding onto old games that they no longer use or maybe have even forgotten about.

If you are someone who thinks there may be some old video games in a box somewhere or maybe still plugged into the television, you may be in luck.

Games such as Super Mario RPG, Mega Man X3, Harvest Moon and Chrono Trigger are all games that could fetch you up to €500.

2. Vintage comics that are now movies

young kid sits in a restaurant and reads here first comic

Superhero movies have exploded over the past two decades, with spin-off series becoming very popular among younger generations.

If you happen to have some old comic books lying around your home, chances are they could earn you a healthy profit.

Comics such as Black Panther from the 70s can earn figures up to €800 depending on their condition.

3. Vintage advertising signs

Vintage soda pop tin sign with lot’s of texture

Before the days of advertising as we know it on YouTube videos and Instagram ads, major companies put up signs in bars and restaurants to get their name out there.

Since then, the signs have grown significantly in value as people love their retro look and the nostalgia they contain.

Signs such as Coca Cola can fetch up to €500.

4. Pokemon Cards

A blast from the past, the Pokemon cards from your childhood could now be worth a fortune.

The iconic cards you used to trade on the playground could now make you some serious cash as collectors around the world face off in bidding wars.

The amounts people will pay for some of the rarer cards are seriously eye-watering.

Cards such as the holograph Charizard sold for over €10,000.

5. Polly Pocket

SAN LEANDRO, CA – AUGUST 14: Polly Pocket dolls made by Mattel are seen on the shelf of K-Mart on August 14, 2007 in San Leandro, California. Mattel issued a recall for about nine million toys made in China including the popular Polly Pocket dolls. (Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

This toy is sure to be knocking around some peoples homes as it wasn’t released all that long ago.

The 90s sensation that was Polly Pocket has now become a high priced collector’s item.

Characters such as a Peter Pan Polly Pocket could earn you a nice sum of €260.

6. China sets

A typically Irish thing to have is a cabinet full of China that is never used as it is ‘too good’ for everyday use.

However, you could be housing an unused gold mine as collectors all over the world are willing to pay a good price for a piece of interest.

Some pieces of china could earn you hundreds if not thousands.

7. The original Kenner Star Wars figures

These Star Wars toys fly off the shelves after the success of the first Star Wars movie.

The toy from the 70s and 80s are worth thousands today.

A 1978 Luke Skywalker toy, the one with the double-telescoping lightsaber, sold at auction for €21,000.

Vintage Boba Fetts have also earned a sizable amount, going for around €2000 and obscure, pre-Hayden Christensen Anakin Skywalkers going for up to €2,500.

8. Vintage Lunchboxes


Lunchboxes are something people rarely hold onto, but if you happen to have an old lunchbox hanging around the house, you may be in luck.

Cartoon characters, superheroes, and rock groups on the side of a tin box could make you a pretty penny.

The Bonanza lunchbox sold for €110, The Beatles could make you over €300 with plenty more fetching similar prices.

9. Pyrex

1955: A housewife proudly presents her indispensable Pyrex kitchenware. (Photo by Chaloner Woods/Getty Images)

People have a fascination with Pyrex dishes that no one can seem to understand.

However, you don’t need to understand to make a few bob on selling some pieces.

A butter dish could sell for almost €200, and bowl sets could make you over €250.

10. Typewriters


The vintage feel and look of typewriters is something people are willing to pay a significant amount for.

Thanks to people who love the retro look, your old typewriter could be worth quite a lot of money.

Depending on the make and model, your typewriter could fetch you up to €500.

11. David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs Vinyl

The 1974 album on vinyl is worth a lot of money, but not for the reason you might think.

The original image featured on the album was an illustration of Bowie with his bottom half replaced by a dog’s genitals and all.

The record company got nervous and altered the album before it was released.

However, an original was sold in 2003 for over €3,000, so it may be worth a look.

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